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  • Are you accepting new patients?
    Yes. We would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss how MamaDoc NJ can meet your child's needs. Please click here to schedule an introduction with Dr. Piron.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    MamaDoc NJ will accept patients regardless of insurance status. We do not bill insurance for our visits. Medical insurance can still be used for any needed laboratory testing, vaccinations, imaging, and specialist visits if these are covered benefits through your particular insurance plan.
  • Do I still need medical insurance for my child if they are a member of the practice?
    We recommend that you continue to have health insurance coverage for your child, but we will accept your child even if they are uninsured. MamaDoc NJ membership is not a replacement for health insurance. Your child’s health insurance may still be needed for emergencies or hospitalizations, to see a specialist, or for prescription medications, lab work, imaging, etc. ​​If you choose to come to our practice you may benefit from choosing a different insurance plan. Please consult with a financial advisor or a representative from your insurance company to guide your plan choice.
  • What does my membership cover?
    Primary benefits included with membership are: -Extended visit times as needed and less time in a waiting room -Direct access to your child's physician--call or text Dr. Piron directly with questions -Yearly well visits -Sick visits (same-day or next-day) -Vaccinations -Quick turnaround on school/camp/daycare physical forms -Developmental and behavioral screenings -Breastfeeding and lactation support -Counseling and support for common childhood concerns such as sleep, nutrition, behavior, and development -Diagnosis, management, and support of common pediatric conditions such as asthma, eczema, ADHD, and more -Management of minor injuries
  • What does membership cost?
    We strive to provide the best care and access for a reasonable price that is not significantly different from the typical out-of-pocket costs of traditional models. Please contact the office or schedule a virtual meeting for more information.
  • Can I schedule an appointment without a membership?
    Yes. We feel that membership that includes regular communication and office visits with your doctor provides the best opportunity for high-quality, long-term care for your child. However, we do offer one-time visits for non-members in certain situations. Please call (732) 982-7729 or email to schedule an appointment.
  • Can I enroll my baby before they are born?
    Yes. Through personal and professional experience, Dr. Piron is keenly aware of expecting parents' concerns. We would encourage all expecting parents to find a pediatrician before birth so those early days and weeks are as stress-free as possible.
  • How do I join the practice?
    You can start the process of joining the practice by scheduling an introduction with Dr. Piron.
  • How do I pay for membership?
    Membership fees are automatically withdrawn from your bank account, or charged to your debit or credit card.
  • What if my child gets sick while we are traveling?
    For patients who get sick or need medical advice while traveling, Dr. Piron can still assist by determining the best course of care based on your child's medical history or calling in prescriptions when they're lost or a new one is needed.
  • Do you allow walk-in visits?
    No. We offer same-day and next-day appointments for members, but we do not accept walk-in visits. To best serve our patients and avoid additional waiting during your visit, we require appointments to be scheduled in advance. If you are a member, you may request a same-day, next-day, or future appointment by calling the office at (732) 982-7729. Non-members can schedule an introduction by clicking here, or by calling the office.
Please enter further questions in the form on the Contact section.
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