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Traditional services offered with more benefits.

MamaDoc NJ offers a Primary Pediatric Membership that provides all of the same services as traditional practices, plus added flexibility with appointments and more connection with your child's doctor.


We also offer other services that can benefit non-members. Please call the office, or schedule a virtual meeting with Dr. Piron to learn more today.

Primary Pediatric Membership

  • Direct access to Dr. Piron via phone, text, or email

  • Unlimited and flexible visit types with minimal waiting time (in-person, virtually, by phone or even text)

  • Same-day/Next-day sick appointments

  • Routine wellness visits and vaccinations

  • ​School, camp, and sports team physical forms

  • Diagnosis and management of common pediatric conditions and minor injuries

  • Sleep and nutritional counseling

  • Newborn, Lactation & Breastfeeding Support 

    • Home visits offered for newborns for 1st month of life​

  • Behavioral Health Assessment & Management 

  • After-hours, weekend, and & home visits are possible on a case-by-case basis

Behavioral Health Assessment & Management 

Evaluation & Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  1. Parent intake interview, direct patient observation using CARS-2, review of findings and recommendations, and a written summary

  2. For ages 18 months and older

  3. Completion of process expected within 30 days

  4. Home observation visits may be available

  5. Follow-up visits or further management are considered on case-by-case basis and at a separate fee per visit.

  6. This service is out-of-network but a superbill can be provided upon request. 

Personalized Screening for Attention & Focus Only

  1. Online forms completed by the parent/guardian and teachers then returned via email or fax

  2. Virtual interview with the parent or guardian 

  3. In-person visit with brief exam with child and guardian to discuss the findings of the evaulation

  4. Screening evaluations will include initial management & treatment recommendations 

Mental Health Memberships are available on a case-by-case basis and include:

  1. Medication management and supplemental support of behavioral therapies for established conditions

  2. Virtual and in-person visits to address ADHD medication management

  3. Ability to call or text doctor directly with questions

  4. Collaborative and personalized approach to treatment decisions

  5. Ongoing screening for other behavioral and mental health conditions 

  6. Does not include the benefits of Primary Pediatric Membership, such as routine primary care or sick visits.  

Urgent Care and One-time Visits (for non-Members)

  • On-Demand Urgent Care by appointment only

  • Assessment and treatment for acute illness such as ear infection, strep throat, UTI, fever, croup, wheezing, ring worm, impetigo, diaper rash, pink eye, cold, flu, etc. (symptoms present less than 5 days)

  • Does not include chronic concerns

  • Sports physical forms

  • Pre-op forms

  • School physical forms

  • Home visits considered on a case-by-case basis

  • All visits require a scheduled appointment. Same day or weekend visits can sometimes be accommodated

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