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Choosing Better for Your Kids: Exploring the Benefits of Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine

dr. piron in her new concierge office space
Welcome to MamaDoc NJ

As a pediatrician, my journey to opening a membership based practice was guided by a deep-rooted commitment to providing the best possible care for my patients and their families. In today's healthcare landscape, where the traditional fee-for-service, insurance-based model often leaves both patients and physicians feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated, I felt compelled to offer an alternative that prioritizes quality, accessibility, and a better atmosphere for forming genuine relationships with my patients.

One of the primary reasons behind my decision was my desire to give each patient the time and attention that they deserved.  Focusing on the concern and how best to address the problem is the priority instead of trying to figure out how to fit every concern into a 10-15 min appointment slot. In a direct care membership model, I have the freedom to schedule longer appointments and dedicate ample time to address concerns, answer questions, and provide comprehensive care. This personalized approach not only fosters better health outcomes but also strengthens the doctor-patient bond, laying the foundation for trust and collaboration.

At the heart of my practice is the idea that communicating with your pediatrician should be easy and straightforward. In my practice patients call, text or email the questions directly to me. Patient visits can be in person, virtual or even sometimes in the patient’s home depending on the specific problem and needs of the family. My goal is to ease the stress and anxiety of navigating your child’s healthcare, so you can focus on what really matters: your family.

A common misconception surrounding membership-based practices is the assumption that they are prohibitively expensive. However, when considering the true cost of healthcare in the traditional model, it becomes evident that families may actually save money in the long run. The expenses incurred through copays, deductibles, and unexpected bills for services not covered by insurance can add up significantly. Moreover, there are many hidden costs in the insurance based models such as time wasted on administrative tasks, prolonged wait times for appointments and in waiting rooms, and unnecessary visits to urgent care or emergency rooms due to lack of access to timely care. Your time is valuable. There are no copays or hidden fees in my practice. Your insurance coverage can still be used for things such as vaccines, medications, outside labs, x-rays, specialists visits. I am able to provide the comprehensive components of what you expect in traditional settings, but can add a layer of easier access, flexibility and convenience.

Over the years, I have practiced in many traditional practice settings in different states and in different facets of pediatric medicine, and they all left me wanting for more connection with my patients. They all left me feeling like I wasn’t able to “doctor” in the way that I know is best. I decided to take back some control, think outside the box and do things differently. Choose better care for your kids and join me today.


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